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Business SystemsGood business systems provide the solid foundation on which to grow your business and help deliver accurate information so you can focus on performance and profitability.

Successful companies are able to react quickly to change because their financial information tells them what’s going wrong so they can take action to put things right.  However, the information needs to be accurate and timely. Rapid changes in IT systems and infrastructure mean your business systems may be in need of a refresh and present a very real business risk.  For many this is a great challenge, demanding ongoing investment in hardware and software simply to keep up with the pace of change and to protect the business operation. The selection and implementation of a new business system can become a time consuming, complex and business critical task.

We have extensive systems knowledge and experience and can help improve the speed and quality of your management information.

By engaging our services, you are buying into a wide range of business systems knowledge and experience that can help clarify the issues you face and help you understand that there may be a better way of working.  We try not to be biased towards any particular system and prefer to fully understand your business model and how this may be best served with any of the systems we work with.  Here’s how we work:-

Request an initial meeting, free of charge, so we can discuss how we may be able to help.
If we can help, we’ll tell you, If we can’t, then we’ll also tell you.
Based on the initial meeting, assuming we have enough information, we will outline our recommendations and give you an idea of the cost.
If need be, we will facilitate meetings with selected solution providers, to ensure you have access to solutions appropriate to your needs and budget.
We are happy to provide Project Management services on your behalf to help manage the whole implementation cycle.
Recognising the importance of business continuity we will try to find practical solutions for systems migration to minimise downtime and
Ensure that your staff are trained and comfortable in using the new system.

Web based solutions are rapidly gaining universal acceptance, many of which include business continuity and disaster recovery services within the price and is an area we specialise in.

Call us now on 0330 100 2582 if you would like a free initial consultation about improving your business systems.

Links; Sage 50 Pro, Xero, WorkflowMax, SAP Business One

Our Other Services

We are firm believers that the production of regular and accurate Management information greatly helps small business owners control the business finances.  Access to up-to-date and accurate financial information is crucial to understanding how your business is performing and helps with the day-to-day decision-making and on-going business strategy.

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All Limited Companies must prepare Year End Accounts for their shareholders and a copy must be filed with Companies House. Dependent on the size of the Company (as defined by the Companies Act 2006)** either full or abbreviated Year End Accounts are filed online with Companies House.  The accounts are also used as the basis for the calculation of Corporation Tax and a copy is also filed online with HMRC. We prepare full and abbreviated Year End Accounts for small and growing businesses and file these online with the relevant regulatory bodies on behalf of our clients.

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There’s no getting away from it, Tax is a complicated subject whether it’s Business Tax or Personal Tax.  Nevertheless, we provide a comprehensive Business and Personal Tax service to our clients to ensure you comply with the latest legislation.  Furthermore we keep a close eye on all your tax matters to ensure you pay the correct amounts of Tax by the due dates to HMRC.

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Can’t see the wood for the trees? Sometimes it’s difficult to see if things are going wrong when you’re working hard inside the business.  The economic downturn has changed our priorities to minimise costs and maximise revenue opportunities, but does this mean the business is under the same tight control it always used to be?  Today’s pressures may be impacting on how your business is being run and you may possibly be too busy driving the business forward to stop and review where improvements could be made.

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An experienced and qualified finance professional (Chartered Accountant) acting as part time Financial Director/CFO can provide the skills and knowledge you need at a lower cost than a full time employee.  If your business is growing and you now need experienced support, then our services can help deliver the right skills and support so you can focus on running and expanding your business with regular and accurate financial information.

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