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Sage 50 Accounts and Sage’s associated products should be on everybody’s list of potential accounting software solutions simply because they’ve been built for the UK market and have been around for over 25 years.  Businesses that outgrow Sage 50 have a clear migration path to the more sophisticated Sage 200, but it’s always worth taking time to consider your options given the enormity of the decision.  All-in-all Sage has the UK SME market covered.

Fine tune your existing systems

Sage products do require an understanding of accounting concepts, but with a bit of training and the right set-up, the learning curve to effectively use the product can be significantly reduced.

We provide clear professional advice on the use of Sage software within your business.  If you are interested in migrating to Sage 50 to replace ageing and expensive legacy solutions then we can help with the move away from your existing solution.  If you already use Sage 50 and feel that it does not adequately support your business processes, then we can offer objective advice on how to get the best out of the software or suggest alternative courses of action.  We have many years experience of working with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Forecasting and can quickly advise which version of Sage is most appropriate for your business.

We provide business solutions on the back of Sage 50 and have recommended specific Additions to extend the functionality of Sage 50 where appropriate.  Sage 50 Accounts plus industry specific ‘Additions’ can provide a comprehensive suite of software suitable for many industries.  Where this is not possible, or your business model is slightly more sophisticated, then we will look at and recommend alternative products to suit your budget.

Method of Operation

Review: At an initial meeting we will discuss the business issues you presently face to identify how we can help.
Advise: We will provide objective advice on how we feel things could be improved and, where appropriate recommend industry specific Additions.
Supply: If required, we will supply a version of Sage 50 or an upgrade, suitable for your requirements.  We work with a number of ‘Addition’ suppliers and can facilitate meetings for them to demonstrate their product and prove its suitability to your business needs.
Install: We will install Sage software either on a standalone PC or on a Server in Client Server mode so each PC on the network can access the shared files.
Configure: Based on our understanding of the business model and reporting requirements, we will create a Nominal ledger structure and chart of accounts to report on key performance measures.
Migrate: Where possible, we will migrate historical data from your old system into Sage 50.  Otherwise, we will assist with the setting up of Master Data and an opening trial balance.
Train: We will train key users in the use of Sage 50 from basic data entry through to accounts production.
Project Plan: We will provide a Project Plan together with time estimates and milestones to ensure the project completes on time and within budget.

If you are interested in using Sage 50 in your business, need to upgrade to the latest version, or think you might not be making the most of your investment, then please contact us on 0330 100 2582.

Software we work with

Xero is an easy to use and cost effective accounting solution for small and growing businesses. Xero has been built specifically for small and growing businesses, to help you improve control of your accounting processes and develop a closer working relationship with your accountant.

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Sage One is easy to use Cloud Accounting software that has been built specifically for smaller businesses.  This means you no longer need to use a spreadsheet to record your business transactions.

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WorkflowMax is end-to-end workflow management software that helps you create quotes or estimates, convert them into a job, track time and costs against the job, so you can instantly see how profitable the job was. Purchase orders and sales invoices can also be created in WorkflowMax and link to Xero for an integrated workflow management and accounting solution. You can add a Lead Manager module to record your leads and conversions and see their progress in the graphical dashboard.

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Receipt Bank is a Company that scans invoices & receipts and extracts relevant data so it can be uploaded into an accounting system.  This helps reduce the manual processes associated with entering invoices and receipts into your accounting system and can potentially save hours of effort each month.

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WordPress is a great piece of software that can be used to quickly create a web presence.  Wordpress is an open source content management system created initially for blogging, and being open-source, it is free to download and install!  WordPress has since developed into sophisticated web software for creating attractive and highly customisable websites.

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