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Files in Xero

Files is a Xero feature that allows users to store final copies of receipts, invoices and other documents in Xero. Documents can be attached to transactions or simply stored in a folder for future reference. So instead of searching thorough lever arch files for that invoice, you can quickly search and view the invoice in Xero.

Since the launch of Files, users have fully embraced this feature, with a mind-boggling amount of data already stored in Xero:

Worldwide use of files in Xero

Whilst this feature works well in association with ReceiptBank, it can also work standalone. Hence, if you are a micro business with a low number of transactions, you can scan paper documents to a PDF and email them to your own private Xero email address. Similarly, any documents you receive by email can be forwarded to your Xero email address and handled in the same way.

A good intermediate option is to use Scan2Invoice, a piece of middleware that helps automate the process of scanning a document and uploading it to Xero.

Documents appear in Xero Files quite quickly, ready for you to either create a transaction, attach it to an existing transaction or simply file it in a folder for future reference.

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