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Xero is an easy to use and cost effective Cloud Accounting solution for small and growing businesses.

Xero has been built for small and growing businesses, to both simplify and help you improve control of your accounting processes.  As a Cloud solution, it also helps develop a closer working relationship with your trusted advisor. Hence you no longer need to use either spreadsheets or books to record your business transactions.

Xero Certified Partners

Xero recognised that not all business owners had accountancy training, so set out, not only to simplify the accounting, but to make it fun!

As a Cloud solution, Xero can be used anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection, so you’re not limited to working in the office. You ‘rent’ the service on a monthly basis and there’s no long-term tie-in if you decide to change to another solution. Xero is suitable for a wide variety of businesses, especially if you take into account the many add-on applications available, and we will be very happy to advise you on its suitability for your business.

There are some really useful features within Xero to help you simplify your accounting processes.  A fantastic feature is the automatic importing of your Bank Statements (called Bank Feeds) and the automatic matching of transactions to speed up the reconciliation process.  A number of high quality reports are included as standard, giving you an instant view of business performance and key business indicators; you can also email Sales Invoices and Statements to your customers as PDF’s.

What’s really exciting is that Xero’s features are constantly growing and adapting to the needs of small businesses.

Read about the key features in Xero here.

Our services

All accounting software needs setting up correctly so you can relate your business activities to the codes and descriptions used in the entry screens. Hence we will:-

Set up your organisation
Create a business specific Chart of Accounts
Set up user access rights – Xero doesn’t limit the number of users who can access the system
Set up opening positions (and migrate specific data for a mid-year conversion to Xero)
Provide ongoing support to ensure you are up-to-date
Subject to the service level selected, generate management information reports
Produce Year End Accounts & Tax computations

Training costs with Xero are minimised, due to the exceptional on-line training on the Xero website, which covers all areas of the system.  This allows you to learn at your own pace and also minimises the need for, and the costs associated with on-site training.  We are happy to provide additional intensive training/coaching where necessary, to ensure the system is quickly adopted by the users.

We’ve put together some illustrative service packages starting from £100.00 per month on our Pricing page. We can provide a more detailed Pricing Schedule if you Contact Us, so you can choose the services most appropriate to your needs and take the opportunity to add in other services we provide.   All pricing is subject to our standard Terms & Conditions.

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