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Xero – Recent updates to July 2012

Cloud Accounting solutionA number of new features have been added into Xero over the past few months as a result of user feedback, the main ones are:-


Users have been waiting for a way to give their customers discounts for any line item sold. Well, Xero have now added a discount column on customer invoices, so you just enter the discount percentage and Xero takes care of the calculations.  It’s a quick, easy way to charge exactly what you want to charge and keep invoices nice and clean.

Reordering invoice lines

Click, drag & drop, that’s all it now takes to reorder invoice lines and display your sales invoices just the way you want them. Lots of users have been asking for this quick fix, so Xero have now included it!

Graphs on your iPad

Anybody trying to use Xero on an iPad will have been disappointed, because Apple does not support Flash. Xero have now made the graphs display in HTML so those Flash-deprived iPhone or iPad users can now see the full benefits of the Xero dashboard.

Add value with Excel

Excel is a great tool for creating simple budgets, and now you can use it more closely with Xero. Export actuals from the Budget Manager, apply custom forecasting models, then import the results as a future budget.

Bank Reconciliation tracking

Drilling into each bank transaction to allocate it to a different area, person, department or other segment is time-consuming. But now you don’t have to. Simply allocate transactions straight from the bank reconciliation screen. It’s faster, easier and better.

Tweaking bank reconciliation

Xero have improved the memorisation logic to make Xero create bank rules faster. They’ve also made some tweaks under the hood to improve performance if you churn through lots and lots of transactions.

Approve an invoice, add another

Xero have removed one of the steps when approving lots of invoices. From now on, when you approve one invoice, you’ll be taken straight to the next invoice rather than back to the invoice screen. This helps you get into a rhythm so you can get through those invoices sooner rather than later.

If you’re interested in using Xero for your business, then please Contact Us for a chat.

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