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Purchase Orders in Xero

Xero have just added a new feature, which apparently is their most requested enhancement at this time – Purchase Orders. 

The new feature should help streamline the ordering process by allowing you to create, send and manage Purchase Orders from within Xero all the way through to billing and paying for goods.

Xero have also taken the opportunity to make some significant design changes by making Purchase Orders touch-friendly.  Hence you will be able to create and fill order details out on your tablet when you’re on the move.  This is a hint at some future design changes we’ll see implemented to improve support for those who regularly run Xero on tablets or iPads.

With Purchase Orders you can:

  • Create fully customisable purchase order documents
  • Email these documents to your suppliers
  • Easily generate bills by copying existing purchase orders
  • Copy existing purchase orders to create new ones and even to new sales invoices for on-charging
  • Follow an approval workflow in the same way you do for invoicing
  • Manage and search your purchase orders from their own dashboard

The following video will give you an insight into how this new feature may help you streamline your business processes:-

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