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We are a WorkflowMax Certified Advisor and we’re happy to help you decide if WorkflowMax could be good for your business.

What is WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax is end-to-end workflow management software that helps you create quotes or estimates, convert them into a job, track time and costs against the job, so you can instantly see how profitable the job was. Purchase orders and sales invoices can also be created in WorkflowMax and link to Xero for an integrated workflow management and accounting solution. You can add a Lead Manager module to record your leads and conversions and see their progress in the graphical dashboard.

Who may benefit?

Creative Agencies, Architects, Business Consultants, Building & Construction businesses, Engineers & Surveyors, IT Services & Consultants and any other business that needs to control jobs/projects.

Now that WorkflowMax is a Xero company and brand, you get the same levels of support as you do with Xero.  So that means you have access to extensive online training materials and support as well as access to a certified advisor (Accware!), who can help you quickly implement WorkflowMax within your business.

Being a Cloud application, WorkflowMax can be used on the desktop, on a tablet and on your smartphone as long as there’s access to the web. You also have the ability to push jobs and tasks to remote staff to get them operating to their capacity and for them to enter time spent on the job.

WorkflowMax works best for businesses with 5 to 30 employees and depending on existing systems, can save up to 2 hours per employee per month.

We’re happy to give advice and can offer a 30 day free trial if you think your business would benefit from using WorkflowMax.  We’re also happy to help you set it up and provide additional training, if needed.

There are many more features in WorkflowMax and you can read about these on the WorkflowMax website or contact us for a chat and maybe a demo to see if it can help streamline your operation.

Call now on 0330 100 2582 if you would like a free initial consultation about implementing WorkflowMax in your business.

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